Maximizing client and partner wealth in real estate investments.

MLG Capital has assembled a team with you in mind. Our personnel hail experiences from a multitude of backgrounds to deliver the best experience possible.

MLG Capital Specializes In Small to Mid Cap Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions across the USA.

For nearly 30 Years MLG Capital has selectively sourced and acquired:

  • 67 Properties Acquired

  • Over ±$629,000,000 Market Value*

  • Over 9,200,000 Square Feet of Commercial Property

*The estimated fair market value of our existing portfolio plus the value of assets disposed as of 12/31/2015



We are owned by our Principal group. On average, our Principals have been with MLG Capital for 24 years, with industry experiences of over 30 years.

J. Michael Mooney

Chairman & Co Founder

Timothy Wallen

CEO, Principal

Michael Zimmer

Co Founder, Principal

Craig Lashley

Principal and Executive Vice President – Investments

Barry Chavin


Andy Bruce


Andy Teske

Principal, General Counsel

Mike Jagodinski


Rick Reuter


Steven J. Pope

Tax Director

Amy Herzog

Associate General Counsel

Emily Brockel

Human Resources Administrator

Andy Sinclair

Vice President Private Equity

Kathleen Pecard

Investor Relations Manager

David Binder

Vice President Private Equity

Paul Hinkfuss

Associate General Counsel

Rick Stoll

Assistant Vice President - Private Equity

Greg Kammerer

Vice President Capital Markets

Ryan Mueller

Vice President-Acquisitions

Mitch Faccio

Private Equity Associate

Billy Fox

Private Equity Associate

Andrew Jumbeck

Private Equity Associate