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Mitch Faccio

Private Equity Associate

Scope of Professional Services
Mitch joined MLG Capital in 2015 as an Investment Analyst and has since moved into an Associate role through his work with the Private Equity team.  His primary responsibility is to source and underwrite both Multi-Family and Commercial property acquisitions as potential investments for the series of MLG Private Funds.

Background and Experience
Prior to joining MLG Capital, Mitch worked primarily in Property and Facilities Management.  In his roles he was responsible for conducting activities with tenants while ensuring each activity was compliant with federal, state, and local real estate laws.  Mitch developed a vast understanding of the fundamentals of property management, including financial budgeting, cost-control management, and project oversight.  These experiences prepared Mitch for success in the acquisition, disposition, and underwriting of commercial investment properties.

Mitch earned his Honors Bachelor degree in both Economics and Political Science from Marquette University.