RIA’s Embrace Best Practices for Fund Platforms

May 7, 2018

RIAs Embrace Best Practices for Fund Platforms May 7th, 2018 May 7th, 2018 MLGCAPITAL: As registered investment advisors (RIAs) continue to seek new strategies to add value to their clients’ portfolio, private real estate has continued its’ rise in popularity. Clients engage with you on offerings they see in the marketplace. You see online crowdsourcing […]

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5 Situations Alternative Investments in Private Real Estate Can Be the Right Choice for High Net Worth Investors

May 2, 2018

Alternative investments, specifically in private real estate, have become a more prominent part of high net worth investor portfolios in recent years. As the perception of potential investment cycles, uncertainty, and interest rate movements exist in the public markets, accredited investors have sought alternative investment strategies (such as private real estate) as vehicles to grow, […]

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MLG Capital Announces Latest Investment- Sienna Springs Apartments!

April 27, 2018

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Andy Sinclair Vice President MLG Capital Phone: 262-938-4418 Email: asinclair@mlgcapital.com MLG Capital’s Private Fund II & III Announce Latest Investment Sienna Springs Apartments (395 Units – Phoenix, AZ MSA) April 11th, 2018 – MLG Capital is excited to announce the strategic investment into Sienna Springs Apartments, a 395-unit multifamily property. The asset […]

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Considerations for Investing Through Market Cycles

April 23, 2018

While it would appear at first glance that “buying at the bottom, selling at the top” would be all you need to know with regards to investing through market cycles, this is rarely the case. There’s more to investing in real estate than timing the market. Each part of the market cycle offers a unique […]

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MLG Capital Releases Results of RIA Private Real Estate Survey

April 9, 2018

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Rick Stoll, Assistant Vice President MLG Capital Phone: 262-345-0566 | rstoll@mlgcapital.com  Milwaukee, WI – April 9th, 2018 –MLG Capital (“MLG”) is pleased to announce the results of its Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) private real estate survey. During the first quarter of 2018, MLG Capital executives met one-on-one with RIAs throughout […]

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MLG Capital Announces sale of Albertville Retail Center Asset in Minneapolis, MN MSA!

March 5, 2018

SALE ANNOUNCEMENT! For Immediate Release Andy Sinclair Vice President MLG Capital Phone: 262-938-4418 Email: asinclair@mlgcapital.com MLG Capital Announces Latest Sale of Investment Property Albertville Retail Center (Minneapolis, MN MSA)   March 5th, 2018 – MLG Capital has exciting news about our latest sale! MLG Private Fund I, via a JV Equity partnership with Hempel Properties, is excited to announce […]

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7 Ways Private Real Estate Investment Can Enhance Your Investment Portfolio

February 27, 2018

Private real estate investment offers a number of potential positive enhancements for your investment portfolio. While some of these are unique to MLG Capital, they’re still worth noting here as they could greatly affect the aggregate performance of your portfolio. Here are the top seven.   1. Low Market Correlation Low correlation with public stock […]

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17 Questions to Ask Before Investing Your Money

February 23, 2018

Private real estate investments offer many opportunities for high net worth investors, family offices, and RIA’s, but with opportunity comes risk. Along with your standard due diligence of an investment opportunity, there are several basic questions every investor should ask before committing capital to an individual syndication, fund, or other private real estate investment vehicle. […]

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4 Common Tax Implications for Private Real Estate Investment

January 3, 2018

Tax implications for private real estate investments are highly personal, so these won’t apply to every situation. However, these are general benefits most investors see when investing in private real estate. 1. Ability to Defer Taxes Many investors choose to control more of their money upfront by deferring their taxes. This  delivers long-term benefits and enables capital […]

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4 Major Differences Between REITs and Private Real Estate Investments Every High Net Worth Investor Should Know

November 20, 2017

A REIT, or Real Estate Investment Trust, is a company owning or financing income-producing real estate. Private real estate investing is the use of private individuals’ money (not a corporation’s funds) to purchase privately held real estate assets, usually for meant commercial use. Both REITS and private real estate investments are organized pools of capital […]

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