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MLG Capital is nothing without our investors, and our enduring commitment to their success is what sets us apart. Through 33+ years of highs and lows, strong markets and market cycles, we’ve built a strong track record. We continue to adapt to the myriad of changes in the private commercial real estate investment space.

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Managing Family Offices

Family and multi-family offices (related and non-related families) trust MLG Capital to manage their private commercial real estate allocations. Whether that wealth resides in trusts or in successful family-owned businesses, we help preserve and grow your assets for generations to come.

My family has millions invested in various segments of the market. Of all our investments, we feel most comfortable with the money in MLG when considering return on investment versus risk. Our family has worked closely with MLG for more than five years and I highly recommend investing with Mike Mooney and his knowledgeable group. John G.

We have had an investment relationship with MLG Capital for over 15 years and during that time have invested and partnered in over 20 real estate transactions. While the team has grown in number, capability, experience, and breadth of coverage area, the core focus on finding unique “diamond in the rough” types of real estate opportunities providing current yield and capital appreciation with reduced downside risk has remained unchanged. The organization is built on a partner-centric foundation that starts at the top and permeates through every level and which has been successfully tested in both good and challenging economic environments. Ron B.

Investing with the MLG group has proved to be a smart business decision. Their knowledgeable team has a proven track record for investing in the right properties at the right time and knowing how to grow asset value over time. I have enjoyed working with and learning from the wonderful people at MLG. They are honest, efficient, caring and knowledgeable—the true secret sauce for success! Nan G.

Guiding High Net Worth Individuals

Having worked hard to advance your business or profession, the wealth you have accumulated deserves to be preserved through diversification in real-estate. If you are an accredited investor, an MLG fund will open new possibilities.

Initially, I invested in the MLG Capital fund as part of my diversification strategy. I’m not a real estate pro, so when given the opportunity to invest in real estate through an organization I know and trust, it was an easy decision. My first investment was small as I wanted to “get my feet wet” and gain experience with real estate investing. Returns in the fund have been strong and the experience has far exceeded my expectations. The talented MLG Capital team finds opportunities to create value in the marketplace. Their capabilities continue to grow and expand, and I have made additional, larger investments in the subsequent funds, and referred family members and friends. Many have invested and are also very pleased with their decisions. Investing in MLG Funds is clearly the best investment decision that I have made in the past several years; it’s now a core element of my investment plan. Tom F.

MLG Private Fund real estate investments have been a great addition to our portfolio, creating a steady stream of cash flow and tax deferral benefits. Since we are conservative investors in retirement we liked MLG’s business plan of leveraging properties well below others. Their knowledge of the real estate market has provided us with a first class list of diversified properties. We look forward to continued success with the MLG family for many years to come. Mike B.

While diversifying our portfolio, my wife and I had the good fortune of being introduced to Tim Wallen, CEO of MLG Capital. Our returns have been consistent thanks to their intelligent, comprehensive, nationwide investment strategy in commercial real estate development. I wish our paths would have crossed 20 years ago. Rich and Barb T.

Registered Investment Advisors

Leading your high net worth clients and family/multi-family offices advised funds through investment decisions requires a thorough review of all alternatives. MLG Capital helps investment professionals present the nuances of private real estate investing to their clients in easy-to-understand language.

We have personally invested with MLG Capital for many years as it offers a great alternative and diversification within an overall investment portfolio with outstanding tax efficiency.  We have also introduced many of our clients to MLG and many of them have invested into the MLG Private Real Estate Funds for the same reasons. MLG is very astute & knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate investment & management and we completely trust them to manage the real estate portion of our portfolio. Dan G. CPA, CFP

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