Jeanie Werning

Office Assistant

Jeanie is a woman of many talents. She runs two triathlons a year and enjoys power walking, canoeing and biking. More importantly, she is part of a super fun family that includes husband Jon, daughter Beth and her husband Joe, son Josiah and his wife Kate and son Mark.

A native of White Bear Lake, Minnesota, she enjoys researching and touring the creameries her grandfathers built in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan. Every Wednesday she reads to seniors and she’s also building an amazing tiny house made of pallets. Favorite books include Canadian Brass and true stories of perseverance. Travel-wise, she’s keen to jump on a plane to go anywhere and learn something new.

“If you abandon  your principals for convenience, they aren’t your principals….they are your costume.  Principals are exercised when they are inconvenient.”