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We understand that sometimes the needs of institutional investors can be quite different. We work with institutional investors such as SFOs, MFOs, Foundations, Endowments and Pensions Funds to develop a tailored solution that enables our clients to succeed with the benefits of the MLG Capital team.

Current Investment Opportunities

Now OPEN! -MLG Private Fund III

Open Investment

The MLG Private Fund III is a continuation of the series of MLG Private Funds. The funds were formed to acquire, directly or indirectly, a geographically diverse portfolio of commercial real estate assets in the small to mid-cap area of $5-50 million. Fund III will target properties in several key identified markets across the U.S. and will focus primarily on Multi-Family, Industrial/FLEX, Office, Retail and some Land via on-market, off-market, Direct, JV and preferred equity investments.

  • 8% Cumulative Preferred Return
  • Targeted IRR returns over a 5 year hold of 13-15%
  • $100,000,000 equity fund
Projected IRR
Hold Period
5-8 years
Total Equity

MLG Private Fund Partners

For our larger funds we will invite a select number of institutional clients to be a partner in one or more of our funds. We structure our partnerships in a manner that allows our institutional clients to receive the full benefits of the MLG Private Funds while meeting the needs of their specific risk-reward profile. Benefits of being an MLG Institutional Partner:

  • Receive a Diversified Real Estate Allocation
  • Investing in Opportunistic, Off Market Deals
  • Deep Due Diligence
  • Access to over 30 years of Relationships and Experience

Co-Investment Partners

On some occasions MLG Capital comes across exceptional opportunities that are too large for our funds to wholly acquire. In these instances, MLG Capital will bring in institutional clients to co-invest alongside our fund. This allows our co-investor clients to benefit from the skills and experience of the MLG Capital team while helping to build their custom portfolio. MLG Capital works with our institutional clients to identify their particular investment profiles so that when a specific opportunity arises we are able to seamlessly execute high quality deals.

For more informtion, please contact:

MLG Capital Investor Relations


Ph. 262-797-9400

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