Real Estate Funds for Medical Doctors

For more than 35 years, our core focus has been preserving our investors’ wealth and producing exceptional income and appreciation over time through investment in commercial real estate. In partnership with Physician Side Gigs, we’re excited to be your guide through commercial real estate investment.

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Why Invest with Us?

$±4.7 Billion

in Market Value 1,2


Multi-Family Units 1

±35 Million

Square Feet 1


Equity Multiple 1,3


Our investors benefit from geographic, asset type and real estate manager diversification. Our funds typically target 20-25 investments.

Prioritized Returns

In Fund V, investors accrue an 8% cumulative preferred return on invested equity, paid quarterly from available cash flow, then receive 100% return of initial investment before we share in any profits.4

Tax Efficiency

Income from real estate investments can provide tax efficiencies depending on your personal tax situation.

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