Welcome AltsVault Blog Members!

Thank you for your interest in MLG Capital. Our focus is to maximize investor wealth through private real estate investment strategies and property diversification.

Our investment structure intentionally puts our investors first. If we do not meet our investor obligation, quite frankly, MLG Capital does not share in any profit. We prioritize cash flow to investors, ensuring we only transact on the best possible market deals. 100% of the available cash flow distributions are paid to our investors first as follows:


preferred return


return of original
principal invested






split of remaining distributions


distributions paid


asset management fee
on invested capital

1216% Targeted IRR

projected overall pre-tax return

At MLG Capital, we own, manage and build value in our properties, and measure success by what those investments yield. Since 1987 we have more than doubled every dollar invested, with an equity multiple of 2.34x (as of 6/30/2019). Essentially, for every dollar invested, $2.34 was returned.

As much as we appreciate online relationships, we enjoy getting to know the individual members. At MLG Capital, we are always available to answer individual questions and concerns. Take a minute to tell us about yourself or request more information about Fund IV.

And, because we understand you are busy, we also provide an online portal for you to check on the performance of your investment at your convenience.

Lastly, here is everything you need to invest with MLG Capital.