Maximizing client and partner wealth in real estate investments.

A liquidity event, whether it’s the sale of a business, an initial public offering, or any other kind of asset disposition, brings on a new challenge: investing the proceeds in a manner that preserves wealth and aligns with your long-term needs.

To achieve this objective, portfolio diversification is key. But before we dive further it is important to understand a fundamental “secret” of diversification: correlation.

Diversification is Low Correlation

Diversification isn’t about investing in 100 stocks and hoping for the best: diversification is best achieved when investing across several asset classes (equities, real estate, private equity) with low correlation with each other.

Alternative investments such as private real estate are an important consideration for your portfolio. Private real estate has historically produced consistent returns with low volatility, and low correlation to the public markets (equities, bonds).

However, there’s a tradeoff between traditional investments, such as stocks, and alternatives, such as private real estate: liquidity.

Alternatives and Liquidity

When assessing the tradeoff between public market investments and alternatives, it’s important to consider personal preference.

While large institutional investors such as the Harvard Foundation have skewed their portfolios heavily towards alternatives (due to market volatility/inflationary concerns), they have less need for short-term capital, creating a  willingness to accept lower levels of liquidity.

As an individual high net worth investor, your short-term capital needs may be different. You may need to be more liquid. Your objectives may require a larger allocation in stocks/cash equivalent investments to maintain liquidity.

Inflationary Risk

Inflationary risk is another consideration when allocating and diversifying a portfolio. With long-term interest rates continuing to hover at historic lows, an inflationary period in the future is a serious concern for many investors.

As you can see in this chart, private real estate has historically shown superior returns during inflationary periods. Private real estate returns showed a more than 40% positive correlation of returns to inflation between 1978 and 2008, materially higher than traditional investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and REITs.

Diversification Within An Asset Class

Diversification goes beyond just investing in one or two assets across several asset classes. You would not buy one or two stocks for your equity portfolio, so why invest in just one or two real estate deals for the real estate portion of your portfolio? Real estate covers a wide swath of property types, property qualities, and real estate investment strategies. There is also variance between sponsors/managers of real estate investors, both in terms of strategy and asset specialization.

But diversifying the real estate portion of your portfolio may not require committing money to multiple managers: MLG knows private real estate, and our funds invest with a strategy that offers both diversification and specialization. This could help make private real estate an impactful piece of your alternative investment bucket.

How MLG’s Funds Offer Both Diversification and Specialization

At MLG Capital, we can provide the best of both worlds-diversification (geographic, manager, and asset type/quality) and specialization (our 30+ years of relationships in multiple markets).

During the great recession, MLG Capital had an “ah-hah” moment. We determined that combining our historic operations (direct acquisition strategy) alongside a parallel private equity strategy would bring our investors the best of both worlds, and deep deal flow:

This unique combination extends us to over 1500 contacts from coast to coast, allowing us to know about and consider a wider net of opportunities.

Key Points

Disclaimer: MLG Capital has been an active private real estate investor for over 30 years. We’ve acquired over $1.3B in assets*, of approximately 15 Million square feet of space, consisting of 11,000+ multifamily apartment units, in multiple real estate asset classes, in multiple geographies, with multiple real estate sponsors (partners). Past performance is never an indication of future results. As always be sure to complete full due diligence on any investment you make and consult with your trusted advisors. This is not an offer to sell a security or an interest in any investment offering made by MLG Capital or its affiliates and is intended to solely be a resource of thoughts, opinions, and materials to use in acquiring more knowledge about making an investment in private commercial real estate.

(* as of 4/12/2018. Value consists of disposing of assets as well as the current internal valuation of currently held assets as of 3/31/2018. Values may not have been reviewed by an independent 3rd party and may be internal projections.)