The Making A Difference 'MAD' Initiative

The MAD Initiative is anchored in, and named after, our firm’s overall mission – Making a Difference, While Making a Living – and was created to provide entities and individuals the opportunity to invest in private real estate, while contributing to a charitable organization.

At MLG, we believe in finding “smart” real estate investments, with a focus on believable and achievable assumptions and sophisticated tax planning, and we’re committed to our philanthropic endeavors, striving to make a difference in the best way possible. 

The MAD Initiative is positioned to redirect distributions and future upside received from our Private Funds towards an aligned nonprofit interest. This not only creates value for our investors, but it also produces substantial donations to the selected charitable organizations.

Through the MAD Initiative, we are committing up to 10% in Private Fund VI (or $40,000,000). If you’d like to learn more about the MAD Initiative, there’s an investment brief and presentation available to download below.

We look forward to furthering our goal with you.

How the MAD Initiative Works

Organization Partnership

Partnerships were selected based on MLG’s individual contributions to the organization through volunteer efforts, board commitments and/or monetary contributions. For Private Fund VI, we have committed to working with 6 organizations whose missions align with one or more of these core elements

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More Information on the MAD Initiative

MAD Initiative Webinar

Missed the webinar on February 22? No problem! Take a look at the link below to catch the recording.

MAD Investment Brief

View a summary flyer on this exciting initiative.

MAD Presentation

View a deeper dive presentation on the initiative

The Charity is the beneficiary of the investor/donor’s investment in the applicable MLG Private Fund and subsequent donations under the MAD Initiative. This is not, and will not be, an offering of the Charity receiving the donation. The investor/donor’s ability to use charitable contributions as deductions against other income is dependent upon applicable income tax laws as well as the investor/donor’s personal tax situation. The investor/donor should consult with his, her or its own tax advisor regarding the income tax consequences of investing in the MLG Private Funds and the MAD Initiative.