Maximizing client and partner wealth in real estate investments.

MLG Capital acquires properties via two methods. Directly, via historic relationships and offices in WI, TX, and FL OR JV or Preferred equity, in various targeted markets across the U.S. with trusted partners.

Sourcing Deals

Identify exceptional deals via operator mistakes, missed opportunities, operational error, or buying off-market. 


Utilizing our ±28 year History of Relationships

Focus on Key Relationships and local contacts, to find unique and special deals in historic MLG Capital markets (WI, TX, and FL)

Geographic Target Markets


MLG seeks to take advantage of our ±28 year history by acquiring properties in locations where we have established a proven track record. Our historical ownership presence in Texas, Florida and Wisconsin gives us the ability to acquire and manage properties through MLG’s local employees and offices. One of the many benefits of our direct acquisition strategy is that we have the capability of owning and operating multiple properties within specific metro areas.

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JV & Pref.

MLG’s JV & Preferred Equity Program is geared towards addressing the current needs of commercial real estate owners, with quick responses. With our immense market knowledge and “operator approach” to real estate, MLG Capital provides equity via JV & Preferred equity to fund the purchase of a new asset or recapitalizing and restructuring of an existing holding. The Preferred Equity & JV Program aims to better serve the marketplace by offering suitable and affordable alternatives, and provide small-mid cap sponsors the ability to do more deals, with a trusted partner.

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