MLG Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund was specifically designed to provide owners of commercial real estate the option to dispose of their property while benefiting from an investment in a professionally managed, diversified real estate fund. Owners may contribute their property via a tax deferred transaction in exchange for units in the fund. Additional benefits are explained below.

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Net Asset Value 6
Total Property Value 7
Multifamily Units 1
Total Square Feet 4
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Why Contribute Property to the Legacy Fund?

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    Passive Ownership

    Avoid the day-to-day management concerns of being a landlord and rely on the proven and experienced investment and property management of MLG Capital and our affiliates.

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    Tax-Deferred & Efficient

    Contribute assets to the Legacy Fund, likely without recognizing capital gains. Contributors may also benefit from the depreciation of new assets acquired by the Legacy Fund, potentially reducing income taxes.

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    Diversification & Risk Reduction

    Avoid the challenges of selling appreciated assets through a 1031 exchange and trading into inferior assets due to timing constraints. Instead, achieve diversification in a fund that targets acquisitions across multiple property types and markets.

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    Membership & Estate Flexibility

    Provide maximum flexibility for family members or partnerships with different objectives. Heirs and partners are able to hold or redeem units based on their individual needs.

National Platform with Local Expertise

The Legacy Fund targets contributions in all U.S. markets, mainly sourcing multifamily and industrial properties, with an opportunistic view on retail and office assets. The Fund seeks to obtain long-term fixed-rate financing at a conservative leverage point, ensuring preservation of wealth for our investors while providing consistent cash flow and equity appreciation.

Data as of 12/31/2023

99 Active Properties
19 States with Assets
  • States with Legacy Fund Assets

Benefits vs. the Alternatives

Possible alternative solutions to the Legacy Fund include receiving operating partner units of an UPREIT or selling and finding replacement property in a 1031 exchange, Delaware Statutory Trust, or TIC structure.

Common shortfalls of other tax-deferred exit strategies:
  • Often subject to public market volatility
  • Likely high fees and limited appreciation potential
  • 1031 execution risk and single asset risk
  • Possible corporate governance issues

The Difference Maker

The Legacy Fund was built to address many of the challenges faced by common alternative solutions.

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    Our structure considers your individual needs and timelines. Not bound to 45 or 180-day deadlines.

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    A Permanent Solution

    The Legacy Fund is an evergreen fund, providing investors with a long-term solution.

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    Expertly Managed

    Avoid day-to-day management concerns of being a landlord. MLG Capital has over three decades of investment and property management experience.

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    Vertical Integration

    MLG’s structure allows it to control the process of owning, managing, leasing and selling real estate.

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