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Leverage and Private Real Estate: Finding the Right Balance

We’re all familiar with the sentiment surrounding “there’s risk present in every investment”, and this holds true for private real estate. As investors consider the plethora of allocation options available to them in today’s connected world, it’s important to be…

5 Steps to Take Following a Liquidity Event

As an investor, there may come a point in time where you experience a liquidity event; that is, a transaction in which you exchange your position in an asset for cash. Examples of liquidity events can include a sale of…

Why the Legacy Fund is the Superior Real Estate Exit Strategy

Over the course of the last few decades, many investors have experienced significant success in the world of real estate ownership. The cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits provided can be powerful; however, owners of appreciated real estate often find…

Do You Have Your Own Board of Directors?

Wealth preservation is more than a one-person job; the advice of a diverse set of resources play an important role in creating and executing your overall wealth preservation strategy. (more…)

West Grove Apartments: Recognizing Opportunity

When we talk about value-add, we are striving to create value by increasing the operational income of an asset. Alex Brackman recently shared the story of Camelback Flats (fka Sienna Springs) and, today, I’m going to share another: West Grove…

Welcome Lydia Glatzel and Matt Teglia!

Two new faces have joined the ranks among those at MLG Capital. Lydia Glatzel is joining us as a Fund Accountant in Brookfield this month, and joining us in Dallas-Forth Worth is Matt Teglia as an Analyst. Let’s get to…

Which Fund V Option is Best for Me?

Everyone loves options in life and when you invest in our Private Real Estate funds, you can choose from two Fund options to best suit your personal objectives. When Private Fund IV launched in 2018, we introduced a new concept,…

Tax and Cash Flow Advantages with MLG

While tax efficiency is not the sole driver of your investment decision-making, it is helpful to know the types of tax advantages that investing in private real estate can offer, depending on your tax situation.  (more…)

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