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Tim Wallen Named One of CRE’s Best Bosses

On behalf of all of us at MLG Capital, I’d like to extend a sincere congratulations to our Principal and CEO, Tim Wallen, on the honor of being named one of Commercial Real Estate’s Best Bosses by GlobeSt.’s Real Estate…

What. A. Year.

We’re not sure anyone could have predicted the events and happenings of 2020. But, we’re very glad that throughout the craziness, you’ve decided to start, or continue to invest with us. We hope you had a safe holiday that provided great…
Basic Terminology for Private Real Estate needs to be Concise

Getting Started in Private Real Estate: Basic Terminology

Let’s face it: with any new venture, it’s easy to get lost in the lingo. When I entered the financial services industry after college, training and licensure felt like drinking water from a firehose. Although the concepts were easy to grasp, the terms, acronyms and abbreviations made learning more difficult than I had expected. (more…)

Should the European Equity Waterfall be the new standard?

When evaluating a private real estate offering, an investor should take a detailed look into the investment return structure, or how the investors share in the profits of an investment relative to how the deal sponsor or operator shares in…

A Mid-Year Update From CEO, Tim Wallen

What a year it has been! As I sit and reflect on where things are mid-year and where they’re heading, I found it fitting to send a note to our expansive network of MLG friends & family.    (more…)
Real Estate Investing vs Public Markets

Commercial Real Estate in the Current Market (Coronavirus)

Listen in as Peter Kim, an anesthesiologist and Founder of of Passive Income MD and Tim Wallen, CEO of MLG Capital, a Private Real Estate Company with over 30 years of experience, discuss investing in Commercial Real Estate in the current…
Timothy J Wallen

Navigating Real Estate Investing and COVID-19

Now more than ever, high net worth investors have endless opportunities to preserve and grow capital via private commercial real estate investments. Along with traditional real estate managers operating limited partnerships/funds, the innovations of “fintech” have brought us real estate…

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