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This year, as we celebrate 35 years of real estate, we’ve had an opportunity to look inward. We’ve been very purposeful to ensure the decisions we make follow the two pillars of MLG: “Make a Difference, While Making a Living” and “Absolute Integrity”. 

We’re extremely happy to share that over the next few months, you’ll begin to see a new logo and website that we feel is a modern representation of those values. The usual saying is, “Out with the old, and in with the new.” At MLG, we’re saying “Out with the red, and in with the blue.” 

You may see both logos on documents or the web as we transition. This is planned, and thank you for understanding. There is no additional action required on your end.

The colors and logo may change, but our goal of being the best in private real estate investment will not. We, as always, appreciate your continued trust and partnership.

Real Estate is All We Do.

For more than 35 years, our core focus has been preserving our investors’ wealth and producing exceptional income and appreciation over time through investment in private real estate. Learn more ›

Why Invest with Us?

±$5.6 Billion

in Market Value 1,2


Multi-Family Units 1

39.5 Million

Square Feet 1


Equity Multiple 1,3


Our investors benefit from geographic, asset type and real estate manager diversification. Our funds typically target 25-30 investments.

Prioritized Returns

In Fund VI, investors accrue an 8% cumulative preferred return on invested equity, paid quarterly from available cash flow, then receive 100% return of initial investment before we share in any profits.4

Tax Efficiency

Income from real estate investments can provide tax efficiencies depending on your personal tax situation.

Investment Opportunities

Private Fund VI

Investing capital in private commercial real estate has never been easier with the sixth fund of our series of Private Funds. Private Fund VI is the answer when looking for an alternate investment. Private real estate has shown historically low public market correlation.

Accredited investors can invest their money with confidence in a fund that targets diversification and low leverage with a unique dual-sourcing strategy.

Asset Target: ±$1.15 Billion
Targeted Equity: $400 Million
Targeted IRR:

Legacy Fund

This fund is specifically designed for investors to contribute property. There are many benefits. Among the possibilities are tax benefits, wealth planning, estate tax planning, diversification and passive ownership.

The asset you own is unique, and we have the expertise to help guide you through the complexities of exiting ownership.

It can be an excellent replacement solution for investors looking to utilize Delaware Statutory Trusts, 1031 exchanges, or UPREITs.

Do you own an asset valued at $5 million or more? We’d love to talk to you about it.

Focused on smart and critical selection of property.

We’ve proven our competitive advantage lies within the relationships we’ve developed for over three decades. Our experienced professionals are able to leverage these relationships to consistently source exclusive and differentiated opportunities in these targeted markets for our investors.

Building relationships to deliver success.

Our team will happily be your guide through investing with MLG Capital. Let’s continue on this commercial private real estate journey together. What is an accredited investor? Learn more.