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Track Record of Success

For over 35 years, MLG Capital has owned and operated real estate while successfully managing through multiple economic cycles.

36 + Years
±$ 7 B Market Value 2
46.5 M Square Feet 4
22 States Historically Invested Into 1
2.72 x Historic Equity Multiple Since Inception 3
+ 39,700 Multifamily Units 1

How We Acquire Property

MLG has developed a proprietary dual-sourcing deal flow strategy to create opportunities regardless of market cycle. Historically, MLG has been able to source ±100 transactions per month, giving us the ability to be highly selective in our review process. We target 1-2 acquisitions per month, on average.

Joint Venture (JV)

We have established numerous partnerships across the nation from which we seek real estate investment opportunities, allowing us to capitalize on local knowledge and relationships to find deals. The joint venture acquisition strategy is focused on finding real estate in positive economic markets with job and population growth.

Key Relationships: Foster relationships with local real estate partners.

Diversity: By geographic, asset type and partner/sponsor.

Deal Flow: Critical selection of the smartest investments possible.

Direct Acquisitions

This acquisition strategy falls within target asset classes (i.e., apartments, industrial, retail and office) and includes states where MLG is located, or a state where we have long-established and historical relationships.

35+ Years Experience: Acquisitions and relationships are time tested and proven.

Local Staff: Ability to manage with “boots on the ground.”

Reach: Owning and operating multiple properties within a given MSA.


Private Fund investors benefit from geographic, asset type, and real estate manager diversification. The Fund targets 25 – 30 investments. Below summarizes the total square feet of our historic asset holdings for owned, sold or pending transactions across all acquisition strategies, since 1987. (Data below as of 9/30/2022)

$ 6.8 B in Market Value 2
+ 39,900 Multifamily Units 1

Our Funds

With multiple ways to serve your clients, we have real estate investment solutions that may help advisors create and maintain wealth.

MLG Private Funds

With an investor-centric fund structure, accredited investors can invest their money with confidence in a fund that targets diversification, prioritized cash flow, and low leverage with a unique dual-sourcing strategy.
  • Diversification

    The fund invests in multiple asset types, states and with different real estate managers. The fund targets 25-30 investments.

  • Cash Flow

    Real estate takes time. The time spent building a real estate portfolio is rewarded by producing cash flow and appreciation over time through the execution of business plans to improve asset cash flow.

  • Low Market Correlation

    Private real estate is uniquely positioned to handle a growing economy.


MLG Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund was specifically designed to provide owners of commercial real estate the option to dispose of their property while benefiting from an investment in a professionally managed, diversified real estate fund. Owners may contribute their property via a tax deferred transaction in exchange for units in the fund.

  • Passive Ownership

    Assist your clients avoid the day-to-day management concerns of being a landlord, and instead rely on the professional management of MLG Capital and our affiliates.

  • Tax Efficient

    Assets can be contributed into the Legacy Fund, likely without recognizing capital gains. Potential benefits include the depreciation of new assets acquired by the Legacy Fund which may reduce current income for taxes.

  • Risk Reduction

    Avoid the timing constraints of selling appreciated assets or having to trade into inferior assets through a 1031 exchange.

Managed Accounts

Lean on our expertise in real estate to help create a custom solution based on your specific needs. Contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you explain your “low fee” model and how is that sustainable?

MLG is a fully integrated real estate firm with multiple revenue streams and 30+ year history of operations. Our low 1.25% asset management fee is on invested equity (not committed equity). No loads. No catch-ups.

What is the minimum investment?

Fund units are valued at $1 million per unit, with fractional units available. Fund VI, our current fund, has a target of $400 million in equity raise#. Investments of $200,000 or more are encouraged.

What are your targeted returns?

Our all-in investor returns for Fund VI are targeted at a 11-15% IRR (net of fees / promotes), with quarterly distributions of available cash flow.

How does investing with MLG compare with REITs?

When many people think of real estate investments, they look to public Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs); however, REITs are highly correlated to the S&P 500 and they are exposed to public market risk & volatility.

MLG’s non-traded REIT (“Dividend Fund”) is structured to avoid UBTI and multi-state filing for foundations, endowments, and retirement accounts, without the public market risk. Portfolios with only equities and fixed-income securities can leave investments over-exposed to public market risks and volatility.

What is the anticipated time frame to return my clients capital?

MLG Capital targets return of capital within 6-8 years of investment. Return of capital is dependent on distribution from asset sales.

How does MLG achieve tax efficiency?

Our professional staff seeks to structure all acquisitions and the fund in the most tax efficient way possible.

  • Cost Segregation Studies
    We break up building purchases into different asset classes to maximize depreciation deductions. Third-party engineers or CPAs perform the analysis and provide key documentation to support allocation.
  • Depreciation Rules
    Utilizing revised bonus depreciation rules has opened the door for more generous tax write offs for both commercial and residential rental real estate.
  • Selling for Favorable Tax Rates
    MLG is willing to sell investments (versus holding indefinitely) to trigger long-term capital gain tax rates and the ability to use passive ordinary losses to offset other ordinary income.

All questions and answers noted on this page are generated by MLG Marketing LLC and are not assumed to be fully correct. If there is any inconsistency between these Q+As and any offering Private Placement Memorandum, Subscription Document Booklet, all which can be amended from time to time, the Private Placement Memorandum of MLG Private Fund VI LLC, will govern.
Recipients are encouraged to review the entire PPM of Fund VI and relevant fund supplements, which are available upon request.
“Manager” means MLG Fund Manager LLC, the managing member of Fund VI
“Fund” means MLG Private Fund VI LLC, a Delaware limited liability company
“PPM” means the Confidential Private Placement Memorandum for the Fund (Version 1.0), as updated by the most current Supplement
“MLG Capital” or “MLG” means the Manager’s investment Affiliates, as more fully defined in Section IV of the PPM.

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