MLG Legacy Fund

This fund is specifically designed for investors to contribute propertyOwners of appreciated real estate assets are constantly seeking the answer to their two largest questions: “What exit strategy do I use?” and “What are the implications for my taxes?”

There are many benefits when contributing to the Legacy Fund. Among the possibilities are tax advantages, wealth and estate tax planning, diversification, and passive ownership. The asset you own is unique, and we have the expertise to help guide you through the complexities of exiting ownership.

Why choose the Fund?

Passive Ownership

Avoid the day-to-day management concerns of being a landlord, and instead rely on the professional management of MLG Capital and our affiliates.

Also, ease estate planning issues with heirs. Each heir can choose to hold or request redemption of their units in the Legacy Fund.

Tax Efficient

Contribute assets into the Legacy Fund, likely without recognizing capital gains. Potential benefits include the depreciation of new assets acquired by the Legacy Fund which may reduce current income taxes.

Investors may achieve estate tax savings utilizing a minority partner discount in estate value. Each contribution is unique, and may see different tax efficiencies.

Risk Reduction

Avoid the timing constraints of selling appreciated assets or having to trade into inferior assets through a 1031 exchange.


The Legacy Fund targets asset acquisitions across multiple property types and locations.

Benefits vs. the Alternatives

Possible alternative solutions to the Legacy Fund include holding the asset, selling and finding replacement property in a 1031 exchange, Delaware Statutory Trust, or TIC structure or contributing into an UPREIT.

Common shortfalls of other tax-deferred exit strategies:
• Often subject to public market volatility
• Likely high fees, limited appreciation potential
• Trade risk, single asset risk and require active management or oversight
• Possible corporate governance issues

The Legacy Fund addresses these challenges.

It’s a solution with a flexible transaction timeline, with minimal influence from public markets. Your asset is professionally managed with the benefit of passive ownership. Lastly, the Legacy Fund is structured to incorporate MLG Capital’s expertise in tax efficient real estate solutions.

You can contribute to the Legacy Fund today.

Our team will happily be your guide through contributing your asset to the Legacy Fund. Let’s continue on this commercial private real estate journey together.