Our Experts for Media & Speaking Opportunities

MLG Capital is a national leader in diversified private real estate investments, with billions of dollars of assets in the multifamily, industrial, retail and office spaces. The award-winning firm and its team of talented and tenured leaders are experts in their industry and are available for media interview, thought leadership and speaking opportunities.

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Story Ideas and Topic Expertise

Our experts have a wealth of experience on a broad range of commercial real estate, private equity and investment topics, including passive income, acquisitions and disbursements, debt structures, tax solutions, capital sourcing, investor relations, business management, charitable investing and more. To get started, here are a few story ideas that the MLG team can help with:

  • Why Invest in Real Estate? The benefits real estate investments offer compared to a traditional stock/bond mix.
  • Can Real Estate Survive Rising Interest Rates? Our take on why real estate now, in this market.
  • Core Market Insights Macro trends and observations in MLG’s key asset markets, including the Midwest, Southwest, and Mountain West regions.
  • Social Impact Investing How to make a difference with your investing approach.
  • Tax Efficient Investment Vehicles How to consider tax planning efficiencies in investment decisions.
  • What Makes a Smart Deal? Trends to look for and MLG’s approach to deal sourcing strategy.
  • Multifamily Renovations How to create a bigger bang for your buck.
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