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The MAD Initiative: St. Marcus School


Jade Hendricks

AVP of Investor Operations

MLG Capital is proud to support St. Marcus School as one of the beneficiaries of the MAD Initiative. St. Marcus School has three campuses in the Milwaukee area, serving approximately 1200 students in K3 through 8th grade. Through the MAD program, we share the opportunity to support St. Marcus with their goal of community transformation and educational reform in the city of Milwaukee.

Founded in 1875, St Marcus School has remained an anchor in its ever-changing neighborhood.  The school held fast through the tumultuous years of the Civil Rights Movement and into the present, staying the course of racial integration even as much of the city’s population fled to the suburbs.  When St. Marcus joined the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) in 1997, it became clear that the demand for high-quality, Christian education in the city was great and that St. Marcus was positioned for tremendous growth.  Today, 97% of the students enrolled at St. Marcus are part of the MPCP program.  St. Marcus is one of ninety-six, 80/80 schools in Milwaukee, in which at least 80% of the students are black and at least 80% of the students are low-income. Among 80/80 schools, St. Marcus is a shining star with test scores that consistently outperform the others and are approaching the state-wide average.

As a primary and middle school provider, St. Marcus works to ensure its students are prepared for both high school and college. Students are taught to think about their futures from a young age. Promoting college in the classroom is a large part of the curriculum, from displaying college flags in the classrooms to taking middle school students on college tours and exploring majors of study. St. Marcus has also partnered with a number of high schools to create a pipeline for these students, which not only helps to create a stronger educational ecosystem, but also allows St. Marcus to serve as a greater resource to its alumni. As a result, 87% of their students go on to graduate high school, with many of them pursuing postsecondary education.

In addition to three school levels (Early Childhood, Primary School and Middle School), St. Marcus has a special education program, a student counseling program, and works tirelessly to meet the needs of their students and families. Discover America is a remarkable program that allows St. Marcus students to travel the country visiting colleges, historical landmarks, and museums. They are committed to programs that emphasize faith, character values and strength.

“Truly remarkable things are happening in the lives of St. Marcus scholars and families in a variety of ways. Everything from our scholars achieving in the classroom to our families improving their financial security are deeply meaningful parts of our work at St. Marcus. This work simply cannot be done without an army of supporters, volunteers and committed individuals who pour resources and prayers into the lives of our families. At St. Marcus, transformation happens one child and one family at a time. Resources provided through the MAD initiative fuel those transformations. I am deeply grateful to MLG Capital and the MAD Initiative Committee for giving St. Marcus the opportunity to participate.”  -Henry Tyson, Superintendent

The result of St. Marcus School’s philosophy is proven with the success of their students and growing school. For the 2021-22 school year, St. Marcus received excellent feedback of five stars and an overall score of 86.7 on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Report Card. This score measures the school’s Achievement (performance), Growth (year-to-year progress on statewide tests), Target Group Outcomes (outcomes for students with the lowest test scores) and On-Track to Graduation. In each category, St. Marcus scored the same or higher than K-8 schools, the highest categories being Growth, Target Group Outcomes and On-Track to Graduation (95.4%, 85.2% and 80.8% respectively).

Currently, St. Marcus is focused on its Courage to Commit Campaign, for the renovation of their third campus which is already open to students in the Harambee neighborhood. Through the MAD Initiative, your investment can help St. Marcus School further their mission to provide children throughout the city of Milwaukee access to a high-quality education. To learn more about St. Marcus School and the MAD Initiative, visit our Social Responsibility page.

Jade Hendricks is an AVP of Investor Relations at MLG Capital, with a background in Wealth Management and Wealth Education. She’s a financial literacy advocate, gym enthusiast and lover of all things coffee. If you’re an accredited investor, invest with us.

The Charity is the beneficiary of the investor/donor’s investment in the applicable MLG Private Fund and subsequent donations under the MAD Initiative. This is not, and will not be, an offering of the Charity receiving the donation. The investor/donor’s ability to use charitable contributions as deductions against other income is dependent upon applicable income tax laws as well as the investor/donor’s personal tax situation. The investor/donor should consult with his, her or its own tax advisor regarding the income tax consequences of investing in the MLG Private Funds and the MAD Initiative.

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