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The MAD Initiative: War Memorial Center


Jorjio Hopkins, CCIM

Assistant Vice President

Milwaukee County War Memorial, Inc. is the newest addition to our organization partnerships for the MAD Initiative. The War Memorial Organization is focused on and committed to their mission: “Honor the Dead. Serve the Living.” The Milwaukee County War Memorial supports over 50,000 Veterans on an annual basis. Some of the different ways they support these veterans include programs that spread awareness about suicide among veterans, provide support for mental health care among veterans, informational sessions on new Acts being implemented, and workshops to grow and heal with other veterans.

The Milwaukee County War Memorial was originally dedicated on Veteran’s Day in 1957. In 1974, 17 years later, it was declared a Landmark in Milwaukee. The beautiful War Memorial Center located right on Lake Michigan was designed by architect Eero Saarinen. Mr. Saarinen has a long resume of outstanding work, but his most well-known work includes the St. Louis Gateway Arch, New York’s JFK Airport, and Washington, D.C.’s Dulles International Airport. The War Memorial Center has become a staple of downtown Milwaukee located right next to other museums that are popular and educational attractions in Wisconsin.

With support from the community, the Milwaukee County War Memorial can accomplish great things. As an organization, they give Milwaukee youth a firsthand learning experience using interactive displays, programs, and interactions with local veterans. These experiences teach youth about patriotism, civic duty, and freedom. The Milwaukee County War Memorial engages our community in honoring service men and women throughout the year at different events. Some of these annual events include Field of Flags, Memorial Day, Purple Heart Day, Veterans Day, National Medal of Honor Day, and Pearl Harbor Day. Through their organization, they can support and honor Veterans while also informing and teaching our community.

WMC provided educational programs to 12,244 students in 2022 through on-site programs, outreach programs at off-site locations, and digital downloads of WMC education lesson plans.

  • 30 schools in SE Wisconsin
  • 1,280 students attended Service Experience Day in April and October with over 60 veteran volunteers
  • 2,579 downloads of our digital lesson plans to students in 8 states

I think it’s important that veterans share their experiences and knowledge. By mentoring young people, veterans can steer them away from violence, illegal drugs, and irresponsible behavior. I’m proud to be a member of the veteran volunteer community that engages our youngest citizens and encourages them to fulfill their dreams. —John Hien, Vietnam Veteran and WMC volunteer

In addition, to tap into the minds of the various generations of service members and their needs, the War Memorial Center (WMC) has created a Veteran Advisory Council (VAC), which I am proud to personally be a member of. The VAC is made up of veterans in the community with periods of service that span the last few decades. Previously serving as a Captain in the Marine Corps, I found this opportunity to be a great way to continue serving my fellow veterans.  As a member, we get to add our insights and perspectives to how the WMC can effectively accomplish their mission during modern times. Establishing an Advisory Council has proven to be a beneficial way of creating community advocates and expanding the local reach of nonprofit organizations.

By contributing to the MAD Initiative, you can support the Milwaukee County War Memorial with their mission to Honor the Dead and Serve the Living, and to further their education efforts for students in Southeast Wisconsin. To learn more about the War Memorial Center visit their website and to learn more about the MAD Initiative reach out to our team.

Jorjio Hopkins, CCIM is a Senior Associate at MLG Capital, with a master’s in real estate and passion for service. He served for a number of years as a Marine Corps officer and as a dance lead for his high school show choir. Connect with Jorjio on LinkedIn. Or, if you’re an accredited investor, consider investing with us.

The Charity is the beneficiary of the investor/donor’s investment in the applicable MLG Private Fund and subsequent donations under the MAD Initiative. This is not, and will not be, an offering of the Charity receiving the donation. The investor/donor’s ability to use charitable contributions as deductions against other income is dependent upon applicable income tax laws as well as the investor/donor’s personal tax situation. The investor/donor should consult with his, her or its own tax advisor regarding the income tax consequences of investing in the MLG Private Funds and the MAD Initiative.

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