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  • Smart Investing: Preferred Qualities in Multifamily Acquisitions

    Carter Olles

    When considering a potential multifamily acquisition, there are a number of factors to consider. Where is the property located? What school district is it in? When was the property built?...

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  • Investment Outlook: Evaluating U.S. Treasuries and Private Commercial Real Estate

    Timothy Wallen

    A thought on many investors' minds today is whether to invest in U.S. Treasuries in place of private real estate, or any other investment opportunity for that matter.  

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  • Understanding the K-1: A Guide for Real Estate Investors

    Charles Jacques

    As an investor in a diversified private real estate fund, you have likely come across the term “K-1” and have wondered both what it is and what it means to...

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  • Meet Your Investor Operations Team

    Jade Hendricks

    At MLG, we take pride in our approach to our relationships – from our partners to our investors, we believe that building our network has been key to our success...

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  • Why the Legacy Fund is the Superior Real Estate Exit Strategy

    Tom Pugh

    Over the course of the last few decades, many investors have experienced significant success in the world of real estate ownership. The cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits provided can...

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  • Why Contributing Property to the Legacy Fund Could be More Than a Smart Financial Decision

    Billy Fox, CPA

    When planning an investment, it’s important to understand the impact it will have for you financially and the time and effort required to oversee that investment. What if one could...

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  • How Real Estate can Handle Higher Interest Rates caused by Inflation

    Timothy Wallen

    Today, many investors are concerned that inflation is coming back, and interest rates are on the rise. How would these factors impact private real estate investing? Many incorrectly think private...

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