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Investing in private real estate across all aspects of the business has put our team in the unique position to allow us to share our industry knowledge. Want to learn more about MLG or real estate? Take a look below.

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  • Bonus Depreciation: What is it and where is it going?

    Tyler Taves

    The contents of this article are not to be considered as tax advice and individuals should consult their own tax advisor as to tax advice. Recipients of the information contained...

  • Understanding the K-1: A Guide for Real Estate Investors

    Charles Jacques

    As an investor in a diversified private real estate fund, you have likely come across the term “K-1” and have wondered both what it is and what it means to...

  • How to Prepare for Tax Season: 2022 Edition 

    Tyler Taves

    It’s that time again, tax season is upon us! At MLG Capital, we understand the benefits that taxes, specifically as they relate to real estate investment, can provide for us...