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Founded in 1987, we’ve proven our competitive advantage lies within the relationships we’ve developed for over 3 decades. Our experienced professionals are able to leverage these relationships to consistently source unique and differentiated opportunities for our investors.

MLG Capital has created a diversified series of funds aimed at generating generous cash flow and appreciation over time. To protect our investments, we focus on diversifying our funds by geography, asset type and investment partner. MLG and related entities have acquired, or have pending acquisitions, of more than ±39.5 million square feet of property, inclusive of over 33,900 multi-family units1, with exited and estimated current value exceeding $±5.6 billion across the United States.2

Choose from two Private Fund investment options.

MLG Private Funds and Dividend Funds (Funds I-VI) invest side-by-side in each investment.

Private Fund IV

MLG Private Funds

A continuation of our historic fund model. Investors will realize rental income produced from fund operations.

1099 Dividend Fund IV

MLG Dividend Funds

A great opportunity for a retirement account (IRA, 401k, etc.), Foundation and Endowment investors seeking dividend income.

We only profit when you do.

Our private fund investment structure intentionally puts our investors first. If we do not meet our investor obligation, MLG Capital does not share in any profit. We prioritize cash flow to investors, ensuring we only transact on the best possible market deals. 100% of the available cash flow distributions are paid to our investors first as follows:




return of original
principal invested






split of remaining distributions


distributions paid


asset management fee
on invested capital



projected overall pre-tax return

Unique opportunities to co-invest.

On some occasions, we’ll come across exceptional opportunities that are too large for our funds to wholly acquire. In these instances, we will allow clients to co-invest alongside our fund. Each offering is unique, terms and conditions will vary. This allows our co-investor clients to benefit from the skills and experience of the MLG Capital team while helping to build their custom portfolio.

MLG Capital Historic Performance

Returns are measured by an equity multiple, which compares the amount of cash invested to the amount of cash the investment generated. Since 1987, MLG Capital has more than doubled every dollar invested, with an equity multiple of 2.61x3. Essentially, for every dollar invested, $2.61 was returned.

Sold Properties Equity Multiple3

Total Return Multiple Since Inception


Apartment Assets


Commercial Assets


We own, manage, improve and build value in our properties.

MLG Capital has a value-add private real estate investment strategy with acquisition values ranging from $5 million to $85+ million in the small to mid-cap space. Our focus is on apartments, industrial, retail and office investments. We find unique opportunities to buy off market, take advantage of current operator inefficiencies, and capitalize off local knowledge and referrals.

MLG Capital Private Fund IV includes multi-family properties.

Multi-family Units

We choose assets fit for renovation or attractively priced newer construction. Learn More

MLG Capital Private Fund IV includes industrial properties.

Industrial Buildings

Categories of industrial assets that we seek include FLEX, manufacturing and warehouse. Learn More

MLG Capital Private Fund IV includes office and retail properties.

Office & Retail Properties

Our merchant strategy is to identify inefficiencies, buy assets and fix the problems to grow value and sell. Learn More

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