Our historical performance in the
Private CRE marketplace is what sets us apart.

How and when are returns distributed?

Before you invest, it’s critical to understand how your wealth will be structured with your investment partner. To ensure investors come first, there are a number of questions you should ask, and policies we believe should be followed.

What to consider before investing:

What is your preferred rate of return?

How often are you paid that preferred return?

What happens if the preferred return isn’t achieved?

When should you expect 100% of your capital returned?

If/when returned, what happens next?

What fees are assessed throughout my investment?

What happens if your investment doesn’t perform?

How do money managers make money?

A fund structure that puts you first.

The MLG Private Fund (Funds I-VI) investment model is structured to prioritize cash flow to investors. Here’s an example that addresses how and when cash flow is distributed:


Investors accrue an

8% Cumulative 

preferred return on invested equity, paid quarterly from available cash flow


Investors Receive

100% return  

of original principal invested after the 8% preferred is met


Profit Sharing






split of remaining cash flow distributions

Prioritizing cash flow to our investors ensures that we engage only the best possible marketplace opportunities. Frankly, if we do not meet our investor obligation, we do not share in profits.

See what investors like you are saying.

We have had an investment relationship with MLG Capital for over 15 years and during that time have invested and partnered in over 20 real estate transactions. While the team has grown in number, capability, experience, and breadth of coverage area, the core focus on finding unique “diamond in the rough” types of real estate opportunities providing current yield and capital appreciation with reduced downside risk has remained unchanged. The organization is built on a partner-centric foundation that starts at the top and permeates through every level and which has been successfully tested in both good and challenging economic environments.
Ron B

Initially, I invested in the MLG Capital fund as part of my diversification strategy. I’m not a real estate pro, so when given the opportunity to invest in real estate through an organization I know and trust, it was an easy decision. My first investment was small as I wanted to “get my feet wet” and gain experience with real estate investing. Returns in the fund have been strong and the experience has far exceeded my expectations. The talented MLG Capital team finds opportunities to create value in the marketplace. Their capabilities continue to grow and expand, and I have made additional, larger investments in the subsequent funds, and referred family members and friends. Many have invested and are also very pleased with their decisions. Investing in MLG Funds is clearly the best investment decision that I have made in the past several years; it’s now a core element of my investment plan.
Tom F

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