Partnering with MLG Capital

MLG Capital is a real estate company that invests money, not a money company that invests in real estate.

MLG invests in a variety of asset classes including multi-family, industrial, retail and office. The properties we seek include value-add opportunities as well as undervalued deals or opportunistic investments.

Multi-family Properties

Value-add Class B & C Investments

Renovate individual apartment units, amenities and common areas so rental rates and value can be increased. Properties over 200 units are preferred.

Multi-family Properties

Under-valued Class A Deals

Target newer construction properties priced below replacement cost at an attractive basis. Our goal is to increase property performance to create income or value appreciation.

Industrial & Flex

Value-add Class B & C Investments

Undervalued or under-occupied/strong locations that provide opportunities for creating value through additional leasing, raising below market rent, or at attractive pricing.

Office & Retail

Opportunistic investments including well-located assets with occupancy issues that can be remedied through leasing relationships and/or by updating the asset.

Private Equity Partnership Structure

MLG is always looking for more local partnership investment opportunities, especially from sponsors who have expertise in a given market. Below is an overview of how we typically structure our partnership deals.


Deal size


MLG Equity


Sponsor Equity

2–10 Year

Hold period


Property level IRR
Targeted returns


Avg. 5-year annual cash on cash
Targeted returns

65% LTC

Debt target

Deal Submission and Review

  • Reviews within 7–10 business days
  • Evaluate off-market investments
  • Evaluate on-market investments when sponsor is in Best & Final


Ready to partner?

With an extensive local network investing alongside it MLG Capital creates a vested interest in the property, greatly enhancing the probability of a successful real estate deal. Get started by completing a brief questionnaire. Our Private Equity team will get back to you within 24 hours.