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  • Examining a Fund That Gives Individual Property Investors an Exit Strategy 

    Billy Fox, Senior Vice President, was recently interviewed by WealthManagement.com regarding The Legacy Fund. The Fund enables owners to contribute commercial real estate they directly own in exchange for ownership...

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  • MLG tops $1 billion worth of properties in Legacy Fund

    MLG Capital in Brookfield surpassed $1 billion in apartment and industrial properties through a fund tailored for real estate investors seeking ways to pass a lifetime of work to their next generation.

  • MLG Capital’s First-of-it’s-kind Real Estate Divesting Fund Surpasses $1B in Assets

    Innovative Legacy Fund reaches impressive milestone nearly two years after first-to-market launch Partners and clients praise Fund for offering a tax-deferred exit strategy for real estate owners that eliminates the...

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  • Valuation Reporting: What Should I Know as an Investor in Private Real Estate?

    Charles Jacques

    You’ve made the decision to make an investment in a private real estate offering, congrats! Now, you’re in receipt of quarterly distributions to your bank account along with all the...

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  • First-of-its-Kind Fund Answers Need For Owners of Appreciated Real Estate Assets

    Brookfield, WI  (February 14, 2022) When owners of appreciated real estate assets are ready to divest their portfolio, they often find themselves in a bind, not wanting to completely separate from...

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  • Why the Legacy Fund is the Superior Real Estate Exit Strategy

    Tom Pugh

    Over the course of the last few decades, many investors have experienced significant success in the world of real estate ownership. The cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits provided can...

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  • Why Contributing Property to the Legacy Fund Could be More Than a Smart Financial Decision

    Billy Fox, CPA

    When planning an investment, it’s important to understand the impact it will have for you financially and the time and effort required to oversee that investment. What if one could...

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