Investing in private real estate across all aspects of the business has put our team in the unique position to allow us to share our industry knowledge. Want to learn more about MLG or real estate? Take a look below.

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  • Meet Your Investor Operations Team

    Jade Hendricks

    At MLG, we take pride in our approach to our relationships – from our partners to our investors, we believe that building our network has been key to our success…

  • Four Ways to Invest in Private Real Estate

    David Binder Jr.

    The historic allure of alternative investments piques the interest of many investors who are constantly seeking diversification in their overall portfolios. In private real estate, there are a variety of…

  • The Tax-Efficient Power of Reinvestment

    Rick Reuter, CPA, CGMA

    Private real estate is a tax-advantaged asset class. At MLG, we first focus on making smart real estate investment decisions, then wrap the best tax planning around those decisions. One financial strategy…

  • The Math of the MAD Initiative: Part 2

    Jorjio Hopkins

    Now that we’ve provided a high-level overview of the Making a Difference (MAD) Initiative, let’s take a deeper dive into how we’ve structured this investment. There aren’t many investments out there that…

  • The ‘MAD’ Initiative: Part 1

    Jade Hendricks

    When you think of MLG Capital, you’re likely considering us through the lens of alternative investments, specifically in private real estate. While this is true, and our core focus is on…

  • How to Prepare for Tax Season: 2021 Edition

    Tyler Taves

    Tax season is finally here! I’m not sure everyone is quite as enthusiastic about tax filing and compliance as we are, but hopefully this article provides a 2021 tax outline…

  • 2021 Year in Review

    Alex Brackman, CPM®

    I’ve always enjoyed the end of the year, the holidays, and now more than ever, spending time with my young children. Seeing their eyes light up as they experience Christmas…