Investing in private real estate across all aspects of the business has put our team in the unique position to allow us to share our industry knowledge. Want to learn more about MLG or real estate? Take a look below.

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  • Tim Wallen Named One of CRE’s Best Bosses

    Michael Mooney

    On behalf of all of us at MLG Capital, I’d like to extend a sincere congratulations to our Principal and CEO, Tim Wallen, on the honor of being named one of…

  • Camelback Flats: A Study in Value-Add Strategy

    Alex Brackman, CPM®

    Building a real estate portfolio has many nuances.  Ultimately, you are looking for the best opportunities available. One of the cornerstone investment strategies of MLG Capital is called the “value-add strategy”. In other words, we try to turn coal into diamonds for our investors; hopefully, with…

  • Why You Should Be Investing in Private Real Estate

    Lindsey Collings

    Perhaps you’ve thought about diversifying your portfolio and considered real estate as a potential solution. Or, maybe you’re only familiar with real estate investment trusts (REITs) as a form of real estate investing.  The…

  • 4 Considerations to Optimize Asset Allocation in Your Investment Portfolio

    Jade Hendricks

    The key to achieving optimal allocation for any investor’s portfolio is to find a productive balance between risk and return. Accredited investors benefit from a wide range of investment options in the alternative…

  • 4 Major Differences Between REITs and Private Real Estate Investments Every High Net Worth Investor Should Know

    David Binder Jr.

    A REIT, or Real Estate Investment Trust, is a company owning or financing income-producing real estate. Private real estate investing is the use of private individuals’ money (not a corporation’s…

  • What. A. Year.

    Alex Colburn

    We’re not sure anyone could have predicted the events and happenings of 2020. But, we’re very glad that throughout the craziness, you’ve decided to start, or continue to invest with…

  • Getting Started in Private Real Estate: Basic Terminology

    Jade Hendricks

    Let’s face it: with any new venture, it’s easy to get lost in the lingo. When I entered the financial services industry after college, training and licensure felt like drinking water from a firehose. Although private real estate concepts were easy to grasp, the terms, acronyms and abbreviations made learning harder…