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With an investor-centric fund structure, accredited investors can invest their money in Private Fund VI with confidence. Our fund targets diversification, prioritized cash flow, low leverage, and acquires property through our dual-sourcing strategy.

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    Real Estate is Unlike Other Investments

    Our Private Funds provide access to investments that aim to produce generous, tax-advantaged cash flow and appreciation over time to grow our investors’ wealth. These opportunities are thoroughly reviewed and vetted by our team using our 35+ years of experience in real estate.

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      Private real estate has historically had a relatively low correlation to the volatility of public markets.

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      Low Leverage & Tax Efficiency

      We manage leverage by targeting debt of approximately 65% of all-in costs for acquisitions. Income from investment in private real estate can be tax efficient, depending on your personal tax situation.

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      Hedge Against Inflation

      Short term leases in multifamily and other asset classes creates the ability to move rents with inflation.

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      Cash Flow & Appreciation

      Real estate takes time. The time spent building a real estate portfolio is rewarded by producing cash flow and appreciation over time through the execution of business plans to improve asset cash flow.

    A Quick Look at Fund VI

    The sixth in the series of Private Funds from MLG Capital, Private Fund VI continues our focus on geographic, asset class and asset type diversification for investors. We put our best foot forward so you can walk alongside us.

    • $400 Million Targeted Equity
    • 11-15% Targeted Pre-Tax IRR
    • ±$1.15 Billion Targeted Asset Value
    • 25+ Targeted Investments
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