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  • Supply and Demand in Private Real Estate

    James Domach

    Hearing “supply and demand” likely evokes memories, good or bad, from your high school economics course. As a focal point of basic economic theory, it is a concept that follows...

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  • January 2024 – Why Invest Now?

    In the current market landscape, we have outlined three compelling reasons why now is a favorable time to consider an investment in our diversified private real estate fund.  Disruption breeds...

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  • 2023 Economic Outlook with CEO, Tim J. Wallen

    Timothy Wallen

    “Smart Real Estate Investments:” At MLG this is more than just a phrase. To us, Smart Real Estate Investments is all we do. We study the economics of real estate...

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  • Smart Investing: Preferred Qualities in Multifamily Acquisitions

    Carter Olles

    When considering a potential multifamily acquisition, there are a number of factors to consider. Where is the property located? What school district is it in? When was the property built?...

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  • 2023 Annual Fall Event

    Maggie McGowan

    Last week, we had the privilege of hosting investors, partners, and team members at our headquarters for our Annual Fall Event! With nearly 400 registrants, the event was a resounding...

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  • The MAD Initiative: St. Marcus School

    Jade Hendricks

    MLG Capital is proud to support St. Marcus School as one of the beneficiaries of the MAD Initiative. St. Marcus School has three campuses in the Milwaukee area, serving approximately...

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  • How To Invest In Private Real Estate With Steve Kelly

    Steve Kelly, AVP of Investor Relations, sits down with Jeremy Kiel, Host of Retirement Revealed podcast. Steve shares his insights on the various ways you can invest in private real...

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  • Bonus Depreciation: What is it and where is it going?

    Tyler Taves

    The contents of this article are not to be considered as tax advice and individuals should consult their own tax advisor as to tax advice. Recipients of the information contained...

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  • Investment Outlook: Evaluating U.S. Treasuries and Private Commercial Real Estate

    Timothy Wallen

    A thought on many investors' minds today is whether to invest in U.S. Treasuries in place of private real estate, or any other investment opportunity for that matter.  

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  • Core Markets Series: Dallas-Fort Worth

    Matt Teglia

    MLG Capital’s direct acquisition strategy for multifamily real estate focuses on our core markets throughout the Midwest and Sunbelt regions. In our TX operations, our current portfolio includes 8,900 total...